Application Deadline: 14th January,2018

The Award

The Harmattan Awards for Development Journalists is an annual award instituted by
Countrywise Communication to honour hardworking and motivated Development journalists practicing in Northern Ghana– the Upper West, Upper East and Northern Regions.

It targets professionals who are very passionate about reporting on the challenges and prospects that exist in the field of agriculture in the Northern Ghana.

 Radio
 TV/Video
 Print

Who is Eligible?

The main selection criteria for the pieces are:
 The applicant should be a practicing Journalist (Please provide proof)
 A minimum of three (3) stories and a maximum of five (5) stories should be submitted
 Entries must be original pieces published/broadcasted in English only.
 Articles must be published between November 1st, 2016 and October 15th,2017Originality, structure, and quality of writing/broadcast piece
 Creativity (use of relevant interviews and examples to illustrate the issues)
 Variety of voices/quotes used
 Quality of language (engaging writing/radio/TV style, accurate spelling and
grammar, etc.)
 Relevant (the story should be relevant to the time in which it was broadcasted)
 Respect for the prescribed format

Stories from development journalists to be considered must border on any aspect of
Agriculture and its value chain i.e. production, mechanisation, value addition, market
linkage, etc.

Who Selects Successful Candidates?

 The awards will be judged by an esteemed panel of three (3) industry leaders and
experts. The judging is a rigorous two stage process including pre-scoring to
determine shortlists and a judging meeting where entries are discussed and
evaluated in detail to decide the winning entries.
 There will be a peer review of the final decision of the judges by an independent

Prize Package

 The awardee prize package includes a plaque, a tablet and a citation. Three (3)
awards will be given under Print, Radio and Television/Video Categories.

How to Apply

 For journalists in the print media, a pdf format of their stories is required for
 Radio/television/video entries should be submitted as audio/audiovisuals on
CDs/DVDs in mp3/mp4 formats respectively.
 Entries including names and full contact details such as email address, telephone
number (s), postal address, town and Region can be submitted by email
 Hard copies of entries into the Radio and TV/Video categories should be submitted to

Countrywise Communication
C/O St. Peter and Paul Parish
P. O. Box ER 119
Education Ridge- Tamale
Print words limit: Maximum 1,200 words.
Audio pieces: Maximum five minutes.
TV/Video pieces: Maximum five minutes

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