CW TV is a social development initiative that seeks to promote innovative ideas and stories focusing on creative businesses and social interventions. CW TV will produce and broadcast video documentary series on stories of innovation. These stories are aimed at promoting innovative endeavours by development organizations and institutionswhilst boosting their profiles and sharing their success stories.

Demonstration Farms

We set up demonstration farms in some communities around Tamale for technology and knowledge transfer and production of video content for dissemination. Field visits will be organized for students from tertiary institutions, Journalists and famers to our model farms. The idea is to expose the students to agriculture and best agronomic practices from a young age. Bringing Journalists to visit our farms will be to remind them of the role they have to play in agriculture development. Establishing the farms will be practical experience for our team which will make us better communicators on issues of agriculture.

Student Intenship Programs

The overall scope of this internship programme is built around Rural Development and Development Communication. Our aim is to address the issue of information gap in rural communities while teaching students practical and employable skills of using videos to bring about social change in society. Structurally, therewill be two different programmes; the extended internship programme (3 months) for summer break and the abridged programme (4/5 weeks) for the shorter breaks. This programme is for both Ghanaian and International tertiary institution students. We are currently piloting this programme with students of the University for Development Studies (UDS), Nyankpala Campus and Tamale TechnicalUniversity.